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  Here you will find all parts needed to build small or large smart card applications. Do it yourself or we can do it for you! We have expert chip card programmers and suitable equipment that will transform your ideas into reality. Opportunities are everywhere! Some interesting  solutions are present on this site! Potential available in equipment is enormous! 

Why we love Basic Cards? Read Basic smart card story HERE! Almost all of our own solutions are based on Basic Cards.

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Many cards but all with chip and specific application making card holder's life easier and more secure


 Basic Card SDK      
 Zeit Control > Smart card SDK, do your own programming  WAP4, portable rugged smart card terminal  TaxiONE, secure payment system targeting taxi companies  World Heath Card, first global patient's smart card
 Secugen smart card reader + fingerprint reader      

 SecuGen > Fingerprint + SC reader in one, amazing product C-One e-ID> Rugged handheld smart card terminal  iHC400 smart card terminal, contact - contactless cards  iHC600 smart card terminal with dual smart card slots